“Nobby Beach” in Elegant frame ready to hang

It is a truly glorious autumn day here in regional Moree. I am feeling inspired yet again to promote another project as an aid in selling with the use of this “blog”.

This artwork is entitled “Nobby Beach at Sunset in Summer Time”. This painting is 60cm wide and 50cm high, the frame adds a further 5cms on all sides, is quite elegant in design and the artwork is indeed ready to hang.

My family, little dog and I have strolled for many hours over the past years on this amazing beach near Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW. Naturally, many photographs were taken, this artwork is my adaptation of a section of one of these memories, capturing a special moment in space and time.
These memories, along with my desire to share this very special part of Australia’s unique coastline, is the inspiration behind this truly original/signed piece of artwork. The highlight of this painting is the large grass covered hill sitting out from its peninsula, along with its accompanying smaller rocks in the surf. The colours pictured in the sunset sky are reflected realistically in the shallow waters of the low tide of this summer’s day – as only oil paintings can. Also, the motion of the breaking of the waves on the shoreline and rocks are conveyed in this painting again, as I believe, only oil paints on stretched canvas can successfully achieve.

As you know by now I have a portfolio of my paintings listed on “bluethumb online art gallery”, including this one. I am using this blog to try to stand out from the crowd. There are so many artists out there and I am merely one on so many. I price my artwork realistically merely covering the cost of time spent in creating each painting and the materials needed for each including the frame which makes the painting indeed a finished product.

I worked extra hard on this painting to ensure the memories captured were accurately translated onto the canvas giving the potential buyer/collector many years of pleasure.

If you have yourself strolled with your beloved dog on such a “leash free” beach you will recognize the buzz that it gives to both of you.

Well, bye for now, I do hope to hear from you soon. Perhaps a few more tips on how to successfully market my paintings both with “WordPress” and elsewhere.

If you would indeed like to purchase this painting, the previous one promoted or any other of my artwork, please do “email” me. I will answer any inquiries that you may have, Diane