Marketing My Paintings

I am now going to use this Website and this Blog to actually introduce my paintings.

As stated in my previous messages I am listed on “bluethumb online art gallery” where I am successfully gaining followers, but as of yet no buyers.

So, I am going to use this venue as another form of advertising .

I am starting with my final creation, which I am very proud of.

This is a painting that was taken from a photo of a beach of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

I have strolled many times over the years along this beach and others in this region. That is, Hervey Bay on the Sunshine Coast on Queensland’s amazing Australian eastern coastline. The warm/clear waters, soft white sand, the ever present seagulls flying overhead, children building sandcastles on the edge of the surf,  along with dogs enjoying free-time with their families

— all inspired me to take the initial photo, which in turn I transformed into this painting.  This imaginatively depiction of a moment in space, time and history gave me so much pleasure to create. I now hope to pass this painting on to a potential buyer/collector with the assistance of “bluethumb”.

This painting comes in an elegant external frame, that not only enhances the actual painting, but will also be the focal point of any formal area or lounge room. This painting will give the collector/purchaser much pleasure and will (I hope) spark the imagination of the viewer into strolling along the beach, as I have done so many times. The painting has a wire on the back and is indeed ready to hang.

Please let me know if you would like me to send you photos of this painting and further informatiion.

Many thanks, Diane