Nature Wins — Wreck on Fraser Island — Qld.


Oil Painting — Stretched Canvas –External Frame — Ready to Hang

The wreck, which is the focal point of this painting, proves yet again how nature always wins over man’s creations. We all have times when we feel like this wreck, i.e., left out to dry. Struggling against the forces of life and the recognition of these times is what inspired me to put my best efforts into this creation. In contrast, the beauty, of this island still takes my breath away, and I hope I have portrayed this beauty successfully in this painting.
The bright colours, different textures and techniques help to tell the story behind this creation. This artwork is complemented with an elegant frame , is indeed ready to hang, signed and dated by me , (for authenticity). The vibrant colours and elegant frame will ensure that this painting will indeed lift any formal area or lounge room for many years.
The painting captures the memories of a photo of a Wreck on Fraser Island, Qld.

This Australian landscape — Australian seascape was created in quality oil paints on stretched canvas and is complemented in its elegant external frame. It has wire on the rear — making it indeed ready to hang. This contemporary painting portrays Australian nature at its finest — demonstrating how nature over time wins out over man every time. The skeletal remains of this once proud and strong vessel gave way to the wind and rain.

Oil Painting without External Frame

Relevant Details:

Dimensions: Picture Height 77cm; Width; 97cm; Breadth7cm. (Including frame).

Price: $AUD2,300.00

Postage, Delivery and Insurance paid by the artist (me).

Weight: 4 kgs.

Return at no cost to the buyer if within 7 days of purchase.

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In closing, this new page is dedicated to introducing my new painting — “Nature Wins — Wreck on Fraser Island — Qld”. This painting is realistically priced, its vibrant colours and elegant frame will indeed lift any formal area or lounge room.