“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”. Cecil B. DeMille

I Painted This One Just for HIM

Australian Landscape in Oil

This is one of my very early attempts at oil painting and is in a frame that I also made myself.

This oil painting is not for sale, but inspires me to keep going through the stressful times of promoting and marketing my artwork.

I am so very fortunate, and ever so grateful, for living in such an amazingly beautiful country. The Australian eastern coastline will always be my favourite place for holidays. This Australian seascape again reflects a family memory.

I will now add a little more about me the artist: I retired just a couple of years ago and this gave me the opportunity to follow my true passion. That is, turning family photos into water colour or (my favourite) oil paintings.

painting. This started out as a hobby. Then after the encouragement of family and friends, I now am attempting to earn an income from my best. I am in the middle of both online art and marketing courses, as well as classes through the Moree art gallery.

The one thing that I have learnt to value is my uniqueness. That is, all artists are truly different. My style is my own. Even when I learnt from step-by-step instructions, my finished project was nothing like the original. I have always loved learning and still do.

I am just starting a new oil painting. I love creating large paintings, and this is going to be my biggest yet. It is going to be another transformation of a photo of a beach near Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW. I have not decided which one to use just yet. I have simply coated my stretched canvas with yellow ochre ready for the outline. This for me is the exciting part. The planning stage. A little like a sculptor not knowing what a slab of marble may reveal. So, I may be lost in the land of creation for the next little while and may not be posting.

Another of my earlier pieces

Again, this painting is not for sale. But, it reflects quite realistically how I feel some days. That is, blown around by unseen winds. Let me explain, I know what I dream of, passing my oil paintings on to buyers for their ongoing pleasure. The added bonus of having the financial resources to create even better landscape paintings for others to enjoy not too far in the future I hope.

I realize that I am not the only frustrated Australian artist out there struggling to be recognized. So, if you are, or have been, in a similar predicament, please do offer some valuable tips.

Just a gentle reminder to use the “DETAILS OF MY PAINTINGS” page to browse through my artwork. Then comment through my “CONTACT” page, please.

In conclusion, this page adds just a little information about me a struggling artist and self promoter of my artwork.