Starting a New Painting

A New Day — A New Painting

I love starting a new painting. It to me is the opportunity to create something with true potential, nothing better. I am painting from a photograph of a beach near Port Macquarie NSW where my family and I lived for many years. This amazing coastline gave me so wonderful memories to capture on canvas – which I so enjoy doing. The day here in Moree is sunny and inspiring me to do my best. I have already purchased an elegant frame to enhance this creation, which will of course be offered for sale on completion. I will turn to Dan Scott’s instructions, along with other tutorials, to ensure this work is as good as I can achieve. That is how I approach all things that I am passionate about. As I am about my painting and other creative pass times, such as tapestry. Do keep in touch as this adds to my life as well.

If you have any suggestions on other resources for improving my artistic techniques/skills I will indeed welcome any feedback that you have to offer.

Thanks again, Diane.

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