My Original and Unique Paintings, A Little More…

A little more about me and my paintings. My paintings, as I said earlier, are listed on “bluethumb online art gallery”. (Sorry if I am repeating myself). I am fascinated and in awe of the wild eastern Australian coastline, and this has inspired me to capture this in my oil and watercolour paintings. I enjoy displaying bright sunset colours in the sky, the motion of breaking waves on rocks and the surf along the shoreline. My second passion is capturing the nature of the Australian landscape as it battles the severe conditions thrown at it.

I am transitioning from art being a hobby to my paintings earning a source of revenue for me. Of course, as all serious artists admit, I will never know all I need to. So, I have started with Dan Scott’s online “Paint Academy” as part of my life long journey to perfecting my skill.

As stated in my first post, I am seeking help both in promoting my paintings as well as looking for actual purchasers/collectors.

So, if you feel you can help in either way, or have anything that you feel will help me on my journey I would more than welcome any feedback.

Plus, as I am very new to the art of “blogging” any help in using this invaluable tool in marketing my paintings would be a true bonus for me. Thanks.

Below is a painting I did using oil paints on stretched canvas in an antique style frame. I used palette knives which gave the thickness of texture I love to again capture the wild nature of the Australian coastline.

So, bye for now, Diane.

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